February 25, 2009

this weeks surfline unidentified is ELI

heres the photo from surfline... single shot on a yellow mirandon fish 5'5" with mirandon twin fin 70/30 foil for lok-box ... 101 fins marlin made


shot 9 in the image gallery

February 21, 2009

eli miradon, mirandon fish video

Bag Of Tricks with Eli Mirandon from toby ogden on Vimeo.

Mirandon twin fin ... single foil or 70/30 foil...

The Bamboo Mirandon twins... now available. Single foil or 70/30. these are the template that are on the porpoise and the mirandon fish. they have a special feel ... ha ha ... 101 fins marlin makes em up right !

Mirandon Single Fin 11" shown

here is an 11" Mirandon single fin available in any size. this one is made for my 10' longboard and also used on the classic "Superboard" surfboards la jolla model which was around 9' boards and they had a bit shorter version....

New Mirandon Fins

The newest mirandon fins are now available for purchase. twin fin sets come in bamboo from marlin at 101 fins and the singles can be selected as bamboo or fiberglass. email for more info eli@rerip.com