September 27, 2007


ok the finished board pics are here ... everyone is really stoked on the outcome ... once again i cut down the agave from within a mile of wind an sea beach in la jolla and glued it up to an mdi foam blank, then rusty priesendorfer finish shaped it and off to diamond glassing who did an amazing green tint on the board. i ordered some mexican green heart abalone and hand cut it into r. logos which were glassed in. the board has lok-box fin system and i am woring on some agave and fiberglass fins to complete it.... enjoy

August 11, 2007

cabo fun

heres some surf photos from cabo with planet earth clothing. we had some fun waves and some cold beer it was great...

agave project fish

here is a photo of a board we created with an agave stringer and mdi foam rusty shaped 5'8"
Diamond Glassing is doing a beautifull job finishing it.
we are putting mexican abalone shell R. logos on the board
should be ready soon...
more photos when the board is completed