April 29, 2009

eli twin pin mirandon fish 5'5"

glossy blue eli twin pin mirandon fish 6'0"

encinitas street fair 2009

my dad was showing his resin art at the encinitas street fair last weekend so i set up with him and showed some new boards i built .... you can see his art in the background and check out www.mirandon.com for more

my new xanadu quad " gipos " model loaded with 101 fin co bamboo fins

xanadu made me his new model " gipos " this thing is soooo fast and holds through turns. i am really impressed and so stoked to have it in my quiver. i loaded it up with lok-box bamboo fins from marlin at 101 fin co. single foil in front and double foil in back. it's a 5'8" wider than 20" and thicker than 2" ... super high performance board and easy to ride ! www.xanadusurfdesigns.com www.101fins.com

April 21, 2009

5'5" for nick k

he wanted a simple one ... its a sanded finish so i sprayed some water on to look pretty in the pics ... 5'5" eli twin pin mirandon fish for nick kovack

April 15, 2009

new color flow for dylan

i did this color flow, resin swirl on the foam for dylan this is the deck and the bottom will be coming soon ...

April 7, 2009

April 6, 2009

i made a blank for mandala out of some stuff i cut down with a saw

manny is done shaping and it looks like something i want to ride but i will probably never get to. its going to get some volan glass and a volan single fin flex tip ... hmmmmm fun stuff also i was lucky to watch manny shape most of it and he let me sign the stringer ! thanks !
the blank is redwood and agave with us foam

mannys creation - it is a ... mini tri plane hull, stand-up greenough spoon

5'5" x 23" x 2 3/4"

nose and tail both 19.5"

two stalks of agave and one redwood stringer

volan glass

10" volan greenough stage 4A fin - glass on

call manny or i if you need more info on the board !

it will be available for sale soon at www.wavesforever.com

April 3, 2009

anything but 3 fish fry pic

some unfinished boards i dumped on the sand for fish fry

April 1, 2009

anything but 3 fish fry 2009

what can i say ... i got there took some boards to the sand and chatted with some folks who had questions. i rode a couple boards and enjoyed the sun for the few minutes when it poked through the clouds. then i saw joe wood , previously lead singer of TSOL, went off at the fish joint restaurant in oceanside... jamming blues and old stuff and some new music, quite unreal ... took home a couple blanks from ice 9 which we won . THANK YOU ALL !

i borrowed the pics from www.surfysurfy.net see more photos there

and the text from www.anythingbut3.com check it out for more

Ice-9 Foam donated a bunch of blanks to be handed out to boardbuilders with stand out boards at the AB3/Fish Fry. This was an informal and friendly competition. A secret panel of three handsome and intelligent judges quietly walked the beach and scoped out all the boards. The judges had a tough job because of the hundreds of extremely high quality boards.

The categories and winners :

Best in Show-Dennis Murphy for a special lightweight wood board made out of a recycled water tower. Dennis also wins a berth into the Sacred Craft Shape-Off at the next Del Mar event in Fall '09.

Best Homebuild/Garage board-This guy Hans Hans Enyedi from Leucadia that nobody has ever heard of before. He made a resin swirl mini-Simmons that was a clean shape, had a tight cutlap and good resin pinline and polish. This was a tough category for shure.

Best Art-Cher Pendarvis for her groovy blue Sunfish art on one of her husband's Pendo-Flex boards. Another tough category to judge.

Best Glassjob-The judges did not know who glassed this board until after is was chosen. It was an Ian Zamora shape with a stunning multi-colored cross out of resin. Overall it was a tight board and a crowd favorite. Turns out if was glassed by Jimmy Robertson (JJR on this forum) at the Lokbox shop in Oceanside. (*note-Michael Miller from San Diego was a close runner up).

Most Original-Eli Mirandon for his trippy "Porpoise" twin fin. He also paddled out on this board and did an air on it.

Biggest Roach-This category was for the ugliest/funkiest looking board and Eli Mirandon also got this one for the same above board, hee hee.

Best Fin(s)-Daniel Partch for his beautiful marine-ply tri-fin set (oops, "anything but 3"???) with art engravings. On a Michael Miller Frye Eagle inspired board.

Furthest Traveled-Greg Griffin from Hawaii who unfortunately was sick and wasn't around much during the day. Griffin was in the running for best fins for his tight handfoiled G10 fins.

*To everyone who didn't win, you still shred and thanks for spending your Sunday at the beach with us.

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Special Thanks to:

Ice-9 Foam
Shawn Ambrose from Real Surf
Destination Surf
The Fish Joint
Musician Joe Wood
Big shout out to "Boston Tony" for helping organize and print the t-shirts.