April 6, 2009

i made a blank for mandala out of some stuff i cut down with a saw

manny is done shaping and it looks like something i want to ride but i will probably never get to. its going to get some volan glass and a volan single fin flex tip ... hmmmmm fun stuff also i was lucky to watch manny shape most of it and he let me sign the stringer ! thanks !
the blank is redwood and agave with us foam

mannys creation - it is a ... mini tri plane hull, stand-up greenough spoon

5'5" x 23" x 2 3/4"

nose and tail both 19.5"

two stalks of agave and one redwood stringer

volan glass

10" volan greenough stage 4A fin - glass on

call manny or i if you need more info on the board !

it will be available for sale soon at www.wavesforever.com

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  1. nice shaping room pics i don't know why i like them so much maybe its the lighting. that board is rad